Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Perks of Apartment Living

This refrigerator is currently residing in our living room.

Yesterday, we got home from work and noticed that the ice cubes in our freezer were lukewarm puddles of water, and the smell emanating from our fridge was not pleasant -- yup, our refrigerator died and went to appliance heaven!

What a bummer!  We didn't lose too much food-wise: a couple frozen bertolli meals, some ice cream (TRAGIC), some vegetables, coffee creamer, and a few dressings.  Still.. I do most of the grocery shopping for the apartment, so Blake gallantly stepped up to do the actual throwing away of the food since he could tell it was giving me a mild panic attack!

On the bright side, we told the apartment front desk around 8 PM that our fridge was not working, and within an hour and a half, a wonderful guy named Gil was hauling in the fridge in the picture!  On balance, we lost a few bucks worth of groceries, but we have a working fridge now and did--literally--nothing to get it there!

Blake and I congratulated ourselves on our non-ownage of a house last night.  Appliances stop working sometimes, but luckily for us, we didn't have to make the effort to get it repaired or replaced.  Congratulations all around!

Aside from our cute interior decorating imposition, we've got big studying plans for this weekend.  Hope everyone's appliances refrain from dying this weekend!

Which reminds me of this hilarious comedy sketch from Demitri Martin, posted below [warning, some slight language]:


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