Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Passive Aggressive Ad Campaign

Hello out there!

Are you looking for a place to eat your crunchy food and carry on a nice conversation with your friend across the table??

Do you have an apple in your bag that is extra fresh and juicy, requiring you to suck loudly after each bite?  Or perhaps you're eating potato chips from a bag?

Did your best friend just confide in you that he cheated on his girlfriend?  It sounds like you need a place to talk about it!  And emotions are running high, so forget whispering!


Bring your noisy snacks and noisier conversation to the law school quiet room!

You can sit across a wide table from your friend the heartbreaker and eat your crunch-tastic food TWO FEET away from other students who are studying-- their silence enables you to more clearly hear your friend dish on details over the loud sound of his teeth gnawing on carrots and peanuts!

If the students studying near you keep looking your way, take it as a sign of encouragement:  they're probably jealous of your one night stand and are secretly hoping you'll ask them out!
Advertisement over.  Please, please if you are going to enter the sacred law school quiet room...

be quiet.
Isn't that an intimidating look?!


  1. You could be the next Lois Wyse with this material.

  2. I could just see and feel the whole scene. Who is Lois Wyse?


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