Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mom and Ben's Visit Hours 1-14

As I mentioned last week, my mom and little brother Ben (who, incidentally, is now a good 6 inches taller than me) made a whirlwind trip to DC to hang out with me and Blake!  Here's some things that we did in those first 24 hours:

First, while Blake was at the hospital, we went to the National Zoo.  Benji was determined to see some of the cats.  Even though it was hot, we got to see quite a few of the graceful creatures.
At the entrance to the Zoo.
Me and Benny Boy!
Kudos on the mid-sneeze-capture, Mom!  
 DO NOT BE CONCERNED.  THAT IS NOT A REAL SLOTH BEAR.  IT IS JUST A STATUE!  I wanted to go ahead and get that warning out asap so no one thought I put my kin folk in harm's way on this trip.

A non-exhuastive list of the animals we saw include:
-a sloth bear
-cheetahs (though no cheetah cubs.  One of the cheetahs had a few cubs recently, and they're adorable and fuzzy, but they only come out at certain times)
-snow leopards
-a komodo dragon
-chimpanzees and apes (I always make sure to send happy greetings to our cousins when I see them!)
-jelly fish
-three Lynns

After a long walk around the zoo, we grabbed some Chipotle for lunch.  While we were there, the President drove by!  We don't actually know it was POTUS but if you're going to get halted by a motorcade, you might as well pretend you caught a glimpse of the President!

When Blake finished up at the hospital, we went to pick him up.  On the way home, we stopped by his medical school to give Ben and my mom the tour.  Ben is 16, and he's starting to think about college and what he wants to be when he grows up, so we made sure to tour the undergraduate campus a bit too.
A handsome guy (first picture top row) we saw pictured in the medical school

Since the purported day and a half trip to DC was to celebrate Blake's ownage of USMLE Step 1, we made sure to let Blake pick out the restaurant for dinner.  I say purported only because they clearly just hadn't had enough Blake-and-Catie in their lives!  Any excuse is good enough for me!
Blake chose a restaurant nearby called Comet Ping Pong for dinner.  They serve delicious pizza in a fun, industrial-looking bar/restaurant.  There are ping pong tables in the back, but some kids were hogging the balls and paddles.  That's what we get for going to a bar at 6 PM though!  When you go to bed early, you eat dinner early!

I took a lot of video on this trip, and not as many pictures as normal.  More to come tomorrow!

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