Sunday, August 19, 2012

Date Night with Blake

This is one of those rare, rare weekends where Blake and I are both free, FREE, FREE!!!!!!!!  Can I tell you how amazing this is?!  I don't want to brag too much since most people probably have stuff to do this weekend, but I feel like my bragging is justified since Blake and I lived in the same apartment for three days but never saw each other even once.  Instead, we called each other in the mornings and evenings.  Lame.

But oh how I have looked forward to this weekend.  And it's here! And it's great!

Recap of Our Week

This week, I started my new teaching gig.  I'll be teaching a class to two groups of 1Ls at the law school, and I met them during orientation this week for the first time.  I was pretty nervous, which makes me get more animated, so I've probably sufficiently scared off the first year law students!  I am so glad to be over the first hump, and I'm preparing for my first lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Time to brush the dust off the powerpoint program on my laptop and get to work!

Blake finished up his OB/GYN rotation on Wednesday morning after working through the night.  He arrived home and immediately set to cramming studying for his standardized test on Friday.  He didn't have hardly any time this rotation to study, but I'm sure he did just fine on his test yesterday.  Wednesday afternoon was the first time Blake and I had seen each other since Sunday afternoon!  That's what happens when I'm working days and he's working nights.

Date Night!

I got done teaching and my boss let me cut out of work early on Friday.  Blake, who had just finished taking his test, came by and picked me up from downtown DC, and we reveled in our weekend-long freedom!  During said reveling, we went to the grocery store to stock up on basically everything.  I meant to take a picture of the sad state of our fridge, but I forgot.  Tell you what, google 'empty fridge' and that's a general idea of what ours looked like!

After our kitchen was stocked, we headed to a place called Cafe Ole near American University.  I had scored a $10 coupon for $20 worth of food, and we wanted to check it out.  It. was. heaven.  Blake and I have always loved Mediterranean food, and this little place solidified my love!  Blake and I ordered the cutest thing we could find on the menu--the Chef's Picks for Two!
Oh my goodness the food was so good.  Our order came with a bread box that included melt-in-your-mouth, cheesy focaccia bread, seasoned pita chips, and toasted lavash.  Our platter came with the most delicious food I've had in awhile: black bean hummus, greek salad, toscana salata, "Z" provencal chicken, and Tagine of lamb.  Can I take a second to tantalize you with the descriptions of our two favorite dishes?

The "Z" Provencal Chicken-- Chicken stew with tomato, artichokes, olives, and onions over brown rice and lentils topped with lemon pepper aioli.
The Tagine of Lamb--Morroccan lamb stew with carrots, celery, caramelized onions, and orange zest served over Israeli couscous garnished with curry aioli and julienne of mint.

Afterward, the chef came to our table and asked how we liked everything.  Blake and I have been raving to everyone about how great the food is since we tried it!

After a delicious meal, Blake and I drove a few miles up the street to Bethesda to Regal Cinemas to watch The Dark Knight Rises.  It was GREAT!  We got there early and managed to refresh our memories on the last two movies via Wikipedia.  We had a blast escaping to Gotham City to finish out the series.  It was a very satisfying ending to the trilogy.

What a great Friday night!  I wish every weekend could include a date night like this one!  A delicious dinner, an entertaining movie, and the best guy a gal could ask for made for a great Friday night.

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