Monday, July 23, 2012

In Absentia: 36 Hours in 3 Different States

Last weekend was whirlwind to say the least!  Blake and I were invited to a wedding of a couple friends of ours in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, Blake got scheduled for a 28-hour shift from Saturday morning to early Sunday afternoon.  It's actually the shift where he delivered a baby and assisted in two cesarean sections!

But back to me!

So, Blake and I headed out to Virginia at 4:30 AM.  Don't look at me like that!  We only have one car, and if I was going to make it to North Carolina, I had to drop Blake off in the morning at the hospital.

I met up with our friends Cat and Jeff for lunch in Virginia.  Both of our hotels were about an hour outside of Nag's Head, North Carolina, where the wedding took place.  We ended up carpooling to the wedding together.
 The wedding was really beautiful!  There was great weather and a beautiful bride and groom!

 Afterward, we took advantage of the beautiful scenery with some pictures!  First, Cat and me...
And then, Cat and Jeff...
 Until we eventually devolved into goofy pictures like this:
followed closely by this...:
 Before Cat and I finally ended on this note!
The reception was great fun!

Cat and I danced and danced and danced until close to midnight when we all headed back to our hotels.  Oh did I forget to mention my hotel?  It was the creepiest hotel in the entire world!!!  Picture a horror movie set in a  hotel in the middle of nowhere.  That's exactly what this hotel looked like!  I kept making snuff film jokes throughout the night.  Anyway, it was cheap--and since I was all by myself--I decided to just go cheap instead of paying for peace of mind! :)

The wedding was a blast, the company was wonderful, and the 36 hour whirlwind DC-Virginia-North Carolina-Virginia-DC trip was a blast!!

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