Monday, July 2, 2012

Day Trip to Philadelphia!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Blake had the brilliant idea to check out Pennsylvania, and we had a great time!  Prepare yourself, dear readers, for an onslaught of pictures starting....



First things first, we had a three hour drive up to Philadelphia.  It was quite enjoyable.  Blake and I don't get to drive long distances often, and we enjoyed doing it again!  We talked the whole way about everything from health to religion to politics (the ObamaCare/ACA Supreme Court decision on Thursday made that pretty easy!).  I have LOVED having Blake back in my life stress-free!

When we crossed into Philadelphia, the first thing we wanted to see was the University of Pennsylvania.
I'm sure there aren't many Philly tourists who toured the hospitals (or any tourists of any city haha), but we are not your average Philly tourists!  We found the hospital to be AMAZING!  It was beautiful, and Blake looked into residency programs too... they have everything!
Seriously so pretty!
 UPenn was a really fun campus too.  We went to Lipscomb, a university in the middle of Nashville, and we loved the urban campus with a small campus in the middle.  University of Pennsylvania was like that times 4!  Lots of old buildings and pretty squares...
 So nice!  After checking out hospitals, we were hungry.  On the way to Philly, I posted on Facebook that I was heading out that way and asked for suggestions for things to do and see.  One friend suggested Geno's for philly cheesesteaks and another friend suggested Pat's.   When we got back to the car after touring the hospitals, I googled Pat's and Blake googled Geno's and we decided to go to whichever one was closer.  Turns out they're side-by-side!  And part of a huge rivalry about whichever one is best!

And the only way to settle the dispute is to let Blake and Catie try one of each and determine the winner!  And try and determine we did!  Here we are at Geno's!

 Right next to Pat's!  Blake and I first went to Geno's.  We ordered one philly cheesesteak and a drink.  Then, we went to Pat's and did the same!  Ok, for the recap:

Catie:  I preferred Pat's.  It was 50 cents more expensive, but they had grilled peppers!  We bit off the tip of the pepper and juiced the pepper over the meat.  Yummy and moist and so good!  We had provolone cheese on the roll.  Delish!  Of course, both places would have gotten huge leads in my poll if the workers had used gloves when they were preparing my food.  Something about being married to a soon-to-be doctor  has made me way more germ-conscious.

Blake: I preferred Geno's.  Their cheesy goodness stole my heart the minute I sunk my teeth into it.  The succulent beef, ample onions, and hot cheese splayed on fresh baked bread was a combo unlike any other I have ever devoured prior to this occasion.  Although Pat's may have contained superior spiciness, Geno's combination will forever be the standard from which I compare all other cheesesteaks from this point.

As you can see, Blake and I differed in our ultimate conclusion but both equally enjoyed the Philly Cheesesteak Challenge!
 Philadelphia is so pretty!  I loved the main square and capitol.
 I really wanted to see Rocky's statute, and our Facebook friends mentioned the art museum.  We headed that way and checked it out!

 Can't you hear the Rocky theme song playing in the background??
 Blake and I made a new friend while we were there haha.  He was super friendly and took our pictures for us!
 On top of the art museum steps!
After a fun and eventful day, Blake and I headed back home.  Unfortunately, we got stuck in the Mid-Atlantic thunder storms around midnight somewhere around Baltimore.  It was crazy!  I was driving, and I started noticing a lot of lightening.  All of a sudden, huge gusts of wind were whipping our car  back and forth on the interstate.  I pulled under an overpass and waited for the winds and heavy rain to die down.  After about half an hour of waiting and exclaiming over the conditions, Blake and I decided to carry on.  After a tense hour and a half drive further, we finally made it home.  There were trees down on the interstate and in the district, but we made it home safe and sound.  Somehow, miraculously, we had power in our apartment.

Yay! A successful day trip and more of our fun vacation to come!

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