Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Snapshot of Blake in the Evenings

Blake finished up an OB/Gyn outpatient clinic rotation, and he is now doing an OB/Gyn surgery rotation.  The hours are long, and Blake spends all day standing, so he is even more exhausted than usual by the end of the day.  

I think the below pictures perfectly exemplify what happens when he comes home.
First, I thought he looked super cute in scrubs, so I pulled out my phone to grab a picture.  Blake had two things on his mind though: (1) washing his face and (2) getting out of the scrubs, so between all the running around, these were the only pictures I got!
An empty room where Blake had stood just two seconds before.

This one almost counts. He's at least in the frame!
When Blake was more comfortable, we sat down to watch an episode of TV.  Blake whipped open a suture kit and practiced making knots throughout the whole thing.

I'm so proud of this guy.  He works so hard :)

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