Saturday, June 30, 2012

Early Fun Weekend Has Arrived!!

Blake's Step 1 exam that I swore I wouldn't blog about anymore took place on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I had several projects to finish up at work.  At close of business, I got home and met Blake for one of our first few evenings with NO obligations.

During the day, Blake went to the fourth installment of his medical education research certificate program through the Association of American Medical Colleges.  Last summer, he worked on a research project with several of his professors.  Thursday, he and a few other students participated in a half day program with lectures from physicians who research medical education.  Blake said it was very interesting, and he talked my ear off when we were both at home Thursday evening.

Around 7, Blake told me that for some reason he had been craving a blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse.  So weird, since the closest Outback to us is in Hyattsville, Maryland!  When we looked up directions, he realized that the program he had attended was right next to an Outback.  He must have subconsciously seen the Outback and started craving a blooming onion!

We did the only logical thing at that point and drove to Hyattsville!

Craving satisfied!

After a nice dinner, we drove around DC and checked out the monuments at night.  I would highly suggest doing that if you're visiting DC anytime soon! And if it's your first time, get out and walk through the National Mall to get even closer to the monuments.  There are usually a lot less people around at night.  Blake and I chose to stay in the car, but we enjoyed the sights!

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