Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Painting Class with My Favorite Mother-in-Law

When I was in Tennessee, I jetted up to Knoxville to spend the day with Blake's parents.  While Steve was working, Dorothy and I hit up Joann's for some crafting mainstays.

My mom recently found her first sewing machine from the early 80s, and she is letting me use it to learn how to sew!  I've always wanted to learn, but I couldn't justify the price.  Now that I have a free machine, I'm ready to learn more than just the basics!

Dorothy and I picked out needles and thread and other various things I needed.  We also picked out some trim for the bench (<--my link, not an ad, that takes you back to that time I tried to buy trim for my bench and failed miserably) that I have been in the process of making for literally a year.  It's done now though, and here is the final result, with the trim attached!  It still needs a little bit of work on the corner, but I'll probably never do it haha.
 Back to Knoxville... After Steve got home from work, we all sat around and ate a delicious meal and talked.  I had big plans that evening though... A surprise!
Dorothy had talked back at Christmas about how she would love to take a painting class, so I was so glad that I could take her to one while I was in Tennessee!  I'd never been to one either, but they are really fun!
Our aprons said "I can draw a stick person" haha
 I was really nervous at first, since my drawing/painting skills leave much to be desired...
 Dorothy just jumped right in though! 
 At the end, we took big group shots with all the other class participants.
 I know it's hard to tell in the picture, but if you look close enough you can see that mine and Dorothy's are clearly superior to all the rest.  Haha jk!
 Dorothy showing off her work of art!
 Such a fun night!!

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  1. Catie, the bench looks great! And I love your paintings!! :) I'm so glad you had a fun time in Tennessee!


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