Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Hit and Run??

Yes, sadly, it's true.  Our car was hit for a second time and the culprit drove away without so much as leaving their insurance information.  It's a horrible situation, and it comes at a terrible time for Blake and me.
 BUT WAIT! There's good news!  I found a note on our windshield from a WITNESS TO THE ACCIDENT!  The note told me the make and color of the car that hit my car, and the license tag of the driver.  I am eternally grateful for the witness who took the time to write down her information and leave it on my windshield.
 I called the witness and he said he was driving down the street at around 8 AM on Wednesday morning.  The guilty part was driving behind him.  Because the street was narrow and another car was coming toward him, he slowed to a stop to allow the other car to pass.  Meanwhile, the guilty driver behind him got impatient and tried to pass him!  When she pulled in front of the witness, there was not enough room between the cars parked on the street and the car coming the opposite direction, so she drove into our car and knocked off the side mirror.

Meanwhile, my witness BFF was upset at the driver who hit our car for passing him and driving off after hitting my car, so he followed her for a mile until he could get her information!  What a life saver!
I called the police as soon as I found the note and the damage, and one of DC Metro's finest filled out an accident report.  I kept saying 'she' above because -- thanks to the diligence of my witness BFF -- the police officer was able to run the tags and give me the name, address, and birth date of the woman to whom the car was registered!

It's still early in the investigation, but the police officer told me he thinks the detective will likely be paying the woman a visit in the near future ;)

For now, I'll keep the name and address of the driver off my blog so this blog doesn't come up on google when people search for her.  You're welcome, Kecia.  :)

We have used our car insurance more since moving to DC than either of us ever have before in our life! Ridiculous DC drivers!

Hope everyone else is having a week without hit and runs!


  1. Yikes! That's awful. I'm so glad someone stopped to help you though. That's one of the big reasons I don't have a car in DC since I don't want to park on the street, but parking in my building is over 200 a month! Good luck!

    1. Wow, $200?? Ours is $150, but registering the car and parking on the street is about $35 a year, so it wasn't hard for us to decide to park it! And Blake has to use it to get to various hospitals. I avoid driving as much as possible! Your blog is so cute!


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