Monday, April 16, 2012

Unique Antique

Over the weekend, Blake and I did a few things out of the ordinary.  On Friday, I studied at the school until nearly midnight.  By the time I got home, it was actually Saturday morning!  When Blake and I haven't seen each other all day, we can't help but catch up on what we've missed from the other's day.  That resulted in being hungry around midnight and splitting a giant grapefruit to satisfy our hunger!
 We also did something else fun this weekend (aside from studying for finals... you count that as fun, don't you??), we picked up an antique loveseat!
I haven't announced it on the blog yet, but we're moving to a new place in a month!  I actually got a job and found our new apartment on the same day back in March, but I didn't want to say anything until both were nailed down for sure.  Our new apartment is near a metro station in a really cute area of DC and has a bedroom!  No more studio living for us!

With some additional space, I wanted to get a little bit more seating.  I've been dabbling in interior design for the past year or so, learning the lingo and checking out various blogs.  It's been a fun hobby.  It definitely inspired me to want something a little quirky and different with our new piece of furniture.

Obviously, Blake and I do not have the spending money to invest in some of these pretty pieces.  Instead I kept an eye on Craigslist for a sweet loveseat or chaise that we could tackle as a DIY project over the summer!

I spotted the one Blake is lounging in above on Craigslist from a woman with quite the collection of antiques!  She sold it to us for a mere $50, and it fit perfectly into the back of our car!

It's in great shape and it's really old!  It's by Cox Manufacturing Company.  They have fun unique furniture today too, though it costs an arm and a leg.  I like that our little settee is vintage.  I've been reading do-it-yourself upholstery techniques too, so I'm looking forward to experimenting (is anybody up for a challenge when you come visit this summer??).

Until then, our little loveseat is pretty cute in it's light blue and white floral design.  I'm itching to get rid of the skirt around the bottom to show it's legs and give it a more modern look.  I'll have better pictures soon when finals are done and the lighting is better!  Blake says the curved arms are perfect for studying right now!

Does anyone have any advice/encouragement/words of warning?


  1. I think your loveseat will be PERFECT in the end! I love your ideas.... You are so very creative. Unfortunately, I have no experience in re-upholstering furniture; however, have you heard of DIY network? There is a TV show and a website. Here is a link to "How to Make a Settee Cushion." Maybe it will help you get started when you are ready to work on your new (old) find!



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