Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trial of BB Wolf x2

Remember last year over Spring Break when I was Curly Pig in the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf?  Well this year, over Spring Break, I helped out in the trial again... but this time, I was:
Me and opposing counsel, the defense
 The PROSECUTOR!  That right, I represented the state of Columbia in its trial against the Big Bad Wolf for eating two of the three little pigs!

I had so much fun!  The whole skit-trial was ad lib.  I got to be super dramatic during my opening and closing statements too. So fun!
Curly pig and the big bad wolf
the Judge
We did four skits for classes of fourth graders in the community.  The classes acted as the jury for the trial.  They voted overwhelmingly guilty (can you blame them? I was a convincing prosecutor!).  They were never unanimous though... we had a hung jury, I guess.  The whole day exposed the kids to a trial and was designed to give them exposure to the Constitution.

It was a really fun way to earn pro-bono hours too!
After the "trial" the kids got to have cookies and milk.  After they left, I found some notes the kids had drawn during the trial.  I love the detailed jury notes!  I also like the drawing... I'm not sure if one of those girls is supposed to be me?

It was really fun!  I added some pictures to the old post (the link at the top of the page) from last year that the professional photographer took.

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