Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some goofy things we're up to...

"Wow, is it really already the weekend?" said no one ever.  However, these pictures are from last weekend and I forgot to post them, so I kind of might have asked myself in my head if it was already the weekend (the horror!).  Also, my weeks are all jumbled together and my sleeping schedule is slightly off.  Today, this glorious Thursday, I thought it was Monday.  Monday?? What is wrong me....

Anyway, this little trip to get mexican food up the street is not exactly blog worthy, but since my books are most certainly not blog worthy, I will share them with you anyway.
 A regular old (last) Friday night date!  Want to know something funny though?  We went at 4:30 PM. For dinner. Because we were hungry, that's why!  And because we've always had the dinner cravings in the middle of the afternoon like an old couple!  Do. Not. Judge. Us.
On (last) Saturday, I successfully gave myself a fishtail braid that I wore outside of the apartment.  It has never happened before so I took this picture.

Blake and I decided to get dinner at the Panera's we discovered a couple of miles up the street from us!  We can park near there because of the zone (DC is divided into zones for parking.  We have a zone parking pass, but can only park in our neighborhood).  Little did we realize how far away the nearest parking spot would be!

Never will I ever again complain about parking far away when I'm in a parking lot.  A parking lot is a cement-covered dream!

After our date at Panera's, we walked over to the Container Store and Best Buy across the street.  I used to love to take some time to myself and window shop in Tennessee when I was feeling stressed or bored.  In DC, I don't even bother.  It takes too long to get anywhere, and everything is more expensive. So while we were at Panera's, I talked Blake into going over to the Container Store/Best Buy because those are names I recognized!  And I wanted to window shop!

The picture below is a result of playing on the Macs they have in Best Buy.
When Blake saw the picture, he said, "Hey I look just like Daniel Radcliffe in that picture!"  And you know what?? He kind of does!

I married Harry Potter. Don't be jealous.

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