Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phone Photoshoot of Blake?

Yes, indeed!  It was cold and rainy yesterday morning, so our apartment seemed extra cozy as we sipped our coffee and smoothies.  I snapped these pictures on my phone as Blake and I chatted.

By the time we got to our respective schools, the rain had absolutely doused us! Blake texted me and said: "I would be dryer if I had jumped into the Potomac River!" Haha

As I got off the bus and walked to school, I heard my phone ringing.  I was already carrying a coffee mug and umbrella and heavy bag in the rain, but for some reason I answered the phone anyway, and it was a firm in the area inviting me to an interview!

With the rain, the hustle and bustle, and my already less than stellar hearing, this is what I heard:

"Hello, My name is Mgkdhg and I'm calling from Slskdjf, alkdfjlsk, and alsdkfjlskd.  We would like to invite you to an interview. ...
Great!  Are you available on Friday at 3 PM? ...
Ok great, our address is alskjfdlkjf aslkdfjsdlkfj sldkfjsk, come to suite slkdfjsdlkjf, and then go ahead and give sldkfjsd a call at this number"

I had to ask the person to repeat themselves twice, and I gave up on the name of the place because I could never hear it. I figured I'd just look it up when I finally got the address straight!  I mean, I applied to whoever they were, so I surely wanted an interview, right?

About 15 minutes later I finally figured out with whom I have my mystery interview! :)

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