Saturday, March 24, 2012

An Odd Pet Peeve

I'm generally a very positive person, I like to think.  I have my moments of 'oh-my-goodness-everything-is-due-at-once' anxiety, but for the most part, I try to keep things in perspective. 

Unfortunately I have a weird pet peeve that irks me WAY more than it should.

I don't even think it's a legitimate pet peeve


I really don't like...


Take this picture for example.  This isn't the worst offender.  It's pretzels, an M&M and a dollop of cake icing made to look like bacon and green eggs?  I guess.  It seems like a lot of work to me!

Example 2.  This is a cake pop with strawberry cake filling, chocolate chips, and green icing.  It's supposed to look like a watermelon!  A WATERMELON?  Why would I want to eat watermelon on a stick anyway??

 The example below isn't too bad at all.  If I had to rank my examples, it would probably be first... if I were ranking in order of how likely I am to still talk to you if you try to serve me food that looks like other food.  This little concoction has strawberries, cream cheese, and pound cake dipped into some sort of sauce with CHOPSTICKS.  Thankfully, it doesn't look too much like sushi.  The presenter is obviously trying really hard though.  And sushi is definitely a salty food, while this little dessert is certainly sweet.  GROSS.
This is one of the worst offenders, in my humble opinion.  It's a croissant filled with egg salad and topped with some leafy something or other made to look like a carrot!  Even the consistency is off with one!  Carrots are crunchy.  Imagine somehow not noticing that your carrot is off and biting into and getting EGG SALAD instead.  Yeesh.
 I've saved the best  worst for last.  These are Cupcakes.  The baker went and made them look like chicken WITH THE BONE still in them, MASHED POTATOES, and peas and carrots.  Blehhhhh I don't think I could eat these, even if delicious cake did lie beneath the surface of the fake butter and gravy mashed potato icing!
So there you have it!  One of my weird pet peeves includes food that tries to trick its eaters into thinking it's something else.  Some people really like food that looks like other food... at least I guess they do since there are WAY TOO MANY pins on pinterest of food looking like other food.  To each their own!  Has anyone ever fooled you with fake food before? 

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