Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby baby baby SHOWER!

I had the pleasure of helping out with a baby shower for my friend, Allyson, this weekend!  Blake and  I met her and her husband during Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago.  We were so excited for them when we found out about the pregnancy!!

Our friend, Cat, hosted the shower, and it was a lot of fun!  The decorations were absolutely adorable, and she had great games spaced throughout the afternoon as well.  And now, prepare yourself for a picture onslaught! 
The welcoming table!
Guest favors

This was the guest book--Allyson's favorite childhood book!
The drink table with sparkling orange juice and ice water
There was so much delicious food!  A Build-Your-Own Crepe station, for crying out loud!  The details were just precious.  The picture on the right is a jar for guests to share what would happen when they said "I'm Bored" to their parents!

 I won one of the prizes!  The game was guessing what the baby food was made of!  I think I got ahead when I guessed sweet potatoes and pears correctly! Hahah

This game was my favorite!  We took several magazines in teams and "designed" Jesse and Allyson's baby!  So fun!
 Then it was time to open presents!  This was Allyson opening mine and Blake's present!
We got Baby a little outfit that looks like scrubs to match his daddy! It came with a scrub cap and little booties! Put a white coat on him, and he'll match his pharmacist Mommy too!
And it folds up into a medical bag!  Totes adorbs.

Group Shot!
Baby showers are officially awesome!

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