Saturday, February 4, 2012

*Un-Winter's Ball*

Last year, Blake and I went to Winter's Ball with the medical school, and we had a really fun time.  This year, many of our friends had timing conflicts or weighed the costs and decided not to go.  About a week ago, Blake and I decided that we should just have our own Winter's Ball with our friends who couldn't go to the school's one!

We call in Un-Winter's Ball!  And we had a great time!
We declared that the point of Un-Winter's Ball was to be unstressed, so Blake and I tried to make everything as easy as possible.  We made baked spaghetti and sangria and everyone brought food and drinks to share.  The formal attire wasn't even necessary!  We just wanted to be with friends!  I also kept the decorations to a minimum, and used only items in the apartment to fashion them.  There were 10 of us total in our apartment!

Justin and his friend, Amanda, who was in town this week!
We ate baked spaghetti, little cheddar loaves, greek salad, and a delicious dark chocolate dessert.

I made a 'photobooth' using some fabric and some decorations I made.  It was really fun taking pictures with everyone!

Allyson and Jesse!  I wish the picture wasn't blurry haha Jesse was bumping Allyson's baby bump!
All the girls!
And all the boys!
 I told them to do the 'cute squat' toward the center!
A candid shot
Afterward we sat around and played games and chatted and listened to my Un-Winter's Ball mix of Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, and other classics to get us in the 'prom' mood!

 I officially declare Un-Winter's Ball a success!

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