Thursday, February 16, 2012

The other day I went grocery shopping and forgot to buy toilet paper.  We finished the last roll yesterday, and then I remembered that we had no more, so I walked about half a mile down the street to the CVS and carried a 12-pack of toilet paper back to the apartment.

Thankfully it was a Wednesday night, instead of a Friday or Saturday night, so there weren't nearly as many people outside of the several bars that grace the sidewalk between the CVS and the apartment.  Not as many eyes gawking at the huge package of toilet paper under my arm!

These are the joys of living in a big city!

Actually, it's a good thing we do live in a big city because our car is in the shop after our hit and run.  The good news is that the co-pay is not going to be as much as we thought it was going to be!  Yay!
I have no pictures of toilet paper (which no one cares about anyway) and I don't like a picture-less post, and I did mention the car, so it seems fair to throw in a cute picture of Blake in the car, right?


  1. You two are funny. Love you both,

  2. just came across your blog for the first time and this post made me laugh.
    the worst is when you DROP the 12pack of toilet paper and you have to collect it while looking for your dignity as you drop everything else (purse, keys, etc).


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