Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nostalgic Apartment Hunting

Blake and I flirted with the idea of moving over Christmas break, but we ultimately decided to wait until we knew where I will be working full-time in about a year (*cross your fingers*).  Now, we're toying with the idea again.

Blake is entering into his third year of medical school at the beginning of July.  For most medical schools, the first two years are lecture-based and the last two years are clinical rotations.  I am really excited for Blake to get into the hospital and start saving lives!  Unfortunately, 3rd year medical students in a hospital are the bottom of the totem pole, which means we're in for some strange schedules in the next year.  We knew it was coming, but it seems to have really hit home for us these past few days.

We assessed our apartment situation and came to the conclusion that a studio just will not work if Blake has to wake up really early or come in really late or go to bed at 6 PM in the evening.  I don't start classes until August, but I'll still be a full time student too.  There's just no way for us to be on different schedules and stay in the studio.  The light in the kitchen still floods the entire room!

We've tried a few different apartment confirmations in the past, but I don't think it's going to work out.  Here's how we had our apartment when we first moved in:
 And then we had it like this for a little bit:

We currently have it set up like this:

I think it's time we upgrade to a 1 bedroom.  You'd think our apartment would be pretty cheap, but it is not!  DC apartments are nothing to sneeze at!  We've got some leads on a couple of one bedroom apartments in the area.

So young and full of hope! haha
So why am I not happier??  Sure, we'll spend some extra money each month on rent, but we'll be getting more space and probably a nicer apartment.  Hopefully it'll include either a washer/dryer combo or a dishwasher, so that will be great too.  I think I'm just sad nostalgic because this was our first apartment together as a married couple.

The morning we moved in.
I need to suck it up! Haha An apartment -- especially this apartment -- is not worth being so sentimental over!  It will be fun to have a new place to decorate with more space too.  It looks like we'll be packing our bags in May.  Anyone know of any good places in DC to rent apartments?!

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I'm still nostalgic about the first apartment I shared with my hubby, and I had a hard time moving out. (The crazy thing is that the apartment was right above some crazy people who smoked weed all day long and grew drugs. And there were drug raids all the time and it was so scary. And yet I had a hard time leaving it, because it was our first place!). Don't worry, the new place quickly becomes filled with memories too!! :) I love my new home and it's quickly becoming a special place I love too... and it's a lot safer than my old place. Ha, ha.


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