Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Monday/Tuesday Day

Tuesday was basically Monday since our classes were cancelled on Monday in honor of President's Day.  Something about having your school named after a president makes this holiday a 'get out of school free' day!

I snapped this shot of George adorned for his birthday seconds before the campus police un-adorned him.  Score!

 I snacked on this for lunch, and it was delicious!  I had a fun time making it on Sunday night.  Check out the link below the picture for the recipe.  It was pretty simple and really tasty!
Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo via Budget Bites
When I got home from school, I went to check out an apartment.  Why the mirror picture, you ask?  Because a girl's gotta impress when she goes apartment hunting!  I've got a theory that if the landlord thinks you're clean and responsible, she'll help a girl out and be flexible with move-in dates and rent, etc.  Thus far my theory has not proven true in the slightest, but I'm not giving up!

Have a great day, friends!

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