Friday, February 24, 2012

My Knight in Shining Armor

 Though I'm not normally a fan of the 'maiden in distress' / 'knight in shining armor' metaphor, I must say that today Blake has acted very knightly!  The dragon in this scenario would be public transportation, and below you can see that knight of mine with his noble steed:
That's a lot of horse power ;) Please excuse the pun.
 Yes indeed, Blake took me to school and picked me up after my classes tonight!  If the Queen is taking requests on who should be knighted next, I officially nominate Blake .

Something rather embarrassing happened earlier in the day, however.  Because I had to stay at class late, I stayed at the apartment until later in the morning.  So this morning, minutes before I walked out the door to get to the bus, Blake came back from his exam AND SCARED ME TO DEATH!  It didn't help that I was in the kitchen making my lunch with a scary, real life TV crime show in the background.  True, Blake finished his exam early (because he's a supah genius), so I didn't expect him to be home so soon, so maybe my overreaction was justified.  Add in the fact that the TV show was talking about a case where a woman was stabbed  in her apartment, and we had a recipe for disaster.

Maybe that's why Blake offered to take me to school today!  Ha!

Thanks to the LexisNexis representative at the law school, I got a free $5 gift card to Starbucks!  Thank you very much for my afternoon snack!
That's a spelling of my name that I've never gotten before!
 Today has been beautiful outside!  So I've heard anyway... unfortunately, I spent the day inside except for my brief walk to the Starbucks.  I also sneezed a lot thanks to the spring allergies.  At least my kleenex package is super cute!  I got it for free, and the owls are so cheery! 
Did my day really consist of taking pictures of my kleenex?  Maybe it did.  It's all good, though, because tonight, at least from 8:45 PM onward, I'm taking this night off with my knight ;)

Goodnight all!

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