Monday, February 6, 2012

Honoring Alumni Couples

Blake and I met at our undergrad university during orientation week, freshmen year of school.  Talk about good fortune!!

When I saw an email from the university alumni group asking for stories of spousal connections at the alma mater, in honor of Valentine's Day, I jumped at the chance to submit our picture and tell our story!
The other stories and pictures have been cute too.  Another couple also met on the General Jackson like we did!  One couple just had their 40th anniversary after bumping into each other in the breakfast line at school!  I love hearing how couples met.

If you want to share how you and your significant other met, I'd love to read about it!  Or you can put a link to your blog in the comment section if you'd prefer. Yay Valentine's Day!


  1. My boyfriend and I met through my best friend. He knew her older sister for a while and when she quit her job, my best friend took her place. This is where she met my (now) boyfriend.

    The SECOND she met him, she texted me saying she was working with a boy who she knew was perfect for me....but he had a girlfriend. Naturally I thought nothing of it and thought she was insane.

    ...5 months later we ended up chatting somehow and getting to know each other. Within 2 months we were dating. It's been over a year and we're happier than ever! I guess best friends know best!

  2. This was AFTER he and his (then) girlfriend broke up, of course! :)


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