Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Morning!

Yesterday morning, Blake and I looked at each other and decided that it was going to be a very good day.  I'm not really sure what prompted us to feel that way--the skies were overcast and it was drizzling, we hadn't slept very long the night before, nothing extremely exciting was in the schedule, etc.--but for some reason, I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day.

Now, I realize that it was probably a placebo effect, or some mind-over-matter thing, but for whatever reason, I had a really great day!  I'm not going to get all depressive on you and tell you about how boring my days usually are, but suffice it to say that studying all day is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world.

Here's how my great day went down, in no particular order:
  • This cheery blog post was the first thing I read yesterday morning, and it put me in a good mood
  • A random stranger told me he liked my hair
  • The cashier at lunch was really friendly, and my lunch was delicious
  • I saw a Supreme Court Justice!!! 
  • I got a ticket to go to the Moot Court reception
  • I made a new friend in class
  • I ran into a significant majority of my law school friends all in one day
  • Netflix for android. That's all I have to say about that... My bus rides have never been more enjoyable
  • I was super prepared for class and knew a lot of answers
  • I found out that Marcus and Suzy are having a little boy in July!!!!
  • Blake did all the dishes 
  • I finished all my projects for that sweet-awesome party I'm hosting tonight
I think Blake and I should wake up and  tell each other we're going to have a good day more often!

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  1. I liked your post and your picture. Have another good day tomorrow and the next day and the next day .....


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