Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blake's Medical School Exams

Since Blake's medical school is on a quarter system, these next two weeks are all about final exams!

His exam titles themselves sound pretty daunting:
Neurological Disorders.
Renal/Genitourinary Disorders.
Psychiatric Disorders.

I do not envy him in the least!

How does one manage to stay so good looking under all the pressure??  I'll let you know if he reveals his secret ;)

So today finds us studying away in the library.  Hopefully this will lead to good grades for me too, even though my finals aren't for another couple of months!

I'm sure Blake will rock his exams like he always does.  I should do something for him to celebrate the end of finals.  Any suggestions??  Maybe dinner out? Or a movie?  Or cake?!


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