Sunday, January 8, 2012

White House, National Archives, Navy War Memorial!

When I was making plans for this day, I knew I wanted it to be a day spent doing things that we have never done in DC.  My family has taken several DC vacations or mini-vacations, so we've done a lot of the normal stuff.  I wanted to take Becca to things she might not have gotten to!

First up,  we went by my law school and toured where Study Catie works away.  I've gotten the whole tour guide of the law school thing down pat!

From there, we walked to the White House (perk to going to law school in DC? Being able to say you can WALK to the White House!) to bid good morning to the Obamas.  It's now been one year and seven months, and I have still not seen the President or any member of the First Family.  Not even Bo the dog!  I've been stopped by the motorcade, but no Obama sightings for me yet.

 With some clever camera work, I was able to use our bodies to block the yard crew for the picture! Haha
Next,  we caught the bus.  I literally mean caught.  On the side of the White House where we were, there is a park separating us from H St.  As we were on one side of the park, we saw the bus we needed to catch (and the only one for another half an hour) pulling up to the stop.  We RAN through the park clutching bags and coffee and managed to make it!  Welcome to DC, Becca!

We took the bus to Archives and stopped by the Navy War Memorial.  I've mentioned that my dad served in the Navy before.  Becca sent a picture similar to the one on the left to Dad.  He texted back something like "Yay! To the Navy not necessarily the War Part!"

We made it over to the National Archives after that.  I've written about it before because when I did my legal internship with the government (very vague I know haha but I can't be too specific!), I was quite close to it.

We spent a little bit of time walking through the rotunda and viewing the original Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  There were great placards near by giving interesting history.  We totally beat the rush too, because as we were leaving, the rotunda was filled with people trying to see these old documents.

This is mildly horrible, but the whole time we were looking at the Declaration of Independence, this funny picture below was the only thing I could think about!  Someone made up fake facebooks for the founding fathers and had a status war between them and England!  Haha!
 On our way out, we heard a loud whirring noise and saw a fan blowing air out of it.  This picture resulted:

After the random break, we walked over to the Old Post Office, a really beautiful building with a clock tour on Pennsylvania Avenue.  There was a food court for lunch and a tour with vistas of the city!

The view from inside the glass elevator on our way up to the clock tower!
The bells!
 The view was really pretty!  And the tour is completely free.  The Old Post Office is a great place to grab some reasonably priced lunch, see a different view of the city, do some souvenir shopping, and sit and relax before hitting the National Mall again.

Inside the Bell Tower.
I think I'm going to break up the days into several posts because we managed to fit a lot into one day.  This catches us up to midday on Friday!  Stay tuned for more fun DC adventure posts with Becca!


  1. I visited Washington DC forever ago (when I was just a kid), and I'm dying to go back. Hopefully the hubby and I will go for a vacation in the next few years. It's so beautiful and I love all the history!

  2. You totally should come visit DC again! It's a great place to tour around and sight see, and it can be a really cheap vacation too! I think it's better a little older when you can really appreciate the history and significance of the place.


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