Friday, January 27, 2012

Somebody's Flirting With Me...

Somebody is flirting with me while I'm trying to get my study on!

I think I'll allow it ;)

Edited to include: I've had two people ask who it was that flirted with me, so I'll go ahead and update to assure all that it was Blake!  I didn't think it was ambiguous... and it's filed under 'Married Life' ... but better safe than sorry!


  1. I used to love when my husband would flirt with my while I was trying to get my homework done. He'd always do it when I was just about done with a thought in a paper and would make me lose my direction. I remember I'd scowl and then he'd smile and then we'd laugh.

    1. Isn't that always how it works out?? But it's a good excuse to lose your place in a paper! Much better than facebook or pinterest or whatever else might call to me from the internet... Thanks for sharing such a sweet story!


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