Monday, January 23, 2012

SNOW!!! Will I ever get over this feeling?

Waking up to snow on the ground is one of the most magical feelings ever!  That may be an exaggeration, but I cannot overstate how much I love snow.  And snow in the city is great in its own way!
For some reason, snow makes the cold so much more bearable!

It's been a looonng weekend.  Today, I turned in the first draft of my Note (like a thesis) that I've been working on since September.  It was 43 pages long -- 10,000 words almost exactly!  I've got a meeting coming up in the next few weeks where some of my classmates and a professor in a small group will analyze it and give me feedback.  Sometimes peer review can be more anxiety-inducing than grades (well, almost...).  Anyway, now that I have reached that milestone in my semester, I'm going to be able to relax a little bit for a few weeks! 

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