Monday, January 30, 2012

Sacrificial Soup

On Saturday, I had to judge a competition at the law school.  I made sure to wear two of the SAME shoes for this competition, instead of what happened last time:
Notice the different shoes please.
The competition-judging went just fine.  I judged four different teams of two for an hour per team while they counseled a "client" in a hypothetical initial meeting.  Last year, I played the part of the client, and I was a distraught attorney seeking legal advice because I forged a client's signature on a will.  That was fun!  Throwback to my acting days! :)

Before I left for the day, I decided to make broccoli cheese soup.  I'd been craving it for forever, and I'd pinned a recipe to try out.  I didn't realize how much time it was going to take, but I'd like to think it was worth the effort!

I also made some bread in our bread machine!  Let me just say, the smells emanating from our kitchen were delicious!
 Here's our soup in the crockpot.  We used our blender to make it nice and smooth.
The meal was not without sacrifice.  Part of the recipe called for julienned carrots.  Who has the time to julien carrots?? Instead, I got out a cheese grater, and used the biggest size to make strips of carrots. I managed to cut my thumb and break my fingernail.  Blake took over at one point and cut his finger too!  Who knew a cheese grater could be so dangerous??

 We ate our lunch paired with an episode of Bones! 


  1. okay, I seriously need to buy a bread maker. That looks so good. I stumbled on your blog and just had to comment! ha I'm not a creeper I promise...well kinda not?! :-) ha

    1. Aerean,

      We're glad you stopped by! The bread machine is great! I stuck in some water, an egg, flour, and yeast, and the bread machine did all the kneading and baking. It looked just like the picture in a couple of hours!

      No worries about creeping ;) If this counts as creeping, then there are lots of blogs that I creep on!

  2. Fun! My fiance and I have lunch together every day and we watch Psyche :)

  3. Haha yeah I love watching tv with a meal! I've never seen Psyche, but it keeps coming up as a suggestion on my Netflix. I'll have to check it out!


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