Monday, January 9, 2012

Run Through DC!

In case you're just now tuning in, my sister, Becca, is in town and we're touring our way through DC for the couple of days that she's here!  Here are the other posts: one, two, three.

For Saturday, I wanted to hit up all the normal DC monuments but I wanted to do something different with Bec, so I planned a DC Run!  I mapped out a route through the National Mall but with various stops for different attractions along the way!  All in all, we ran about 4 miles.  Blake was a doll and came and picked us up from the MLK Memorial... but I'm getting ahead of myself... let's start from the beginning!
 First stop on our run--The Capitol!  We hung out on the steps, got some pictures, and toured where the big wigs work and play!

 Becca also live tweeted through the run!  Haha because the world should see pictures of me flushed and sweaty! Gross!
From the Capitol, we ran to the National Gallery of Art for a quick bathroom break and a stroll through the Sculpture Garden!

 In the Sculpture Garden is an ice skating rink.  We took a quick break to pose and then continued with our run!
From there, we ran to lunch.  Our run was really fun because we didn't have any time we were trying to break or anything, plus we were basically just running to cut down on the time in between sights.  We took a looooong lunch so our stomachs could settle before taking off to our next adventure!

 We ran over to the Washington Monument and then the short distance to the WWII Memorial.  So many fun picture taking opportunities!  And did I mention the weather?  It was nearly 60 degrees all day, so clear, and perfect for running/meandering through the Nation's Capital!  We headed to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial next.

I think that's about all I can fit onto one blog, so the rest of our run will be documented in the next blog!

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