Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mystery Present Revealed!

I have a story to tell... In September, I decided to buy the perfect present for Blake.  I got him an espresso machine!  I was so proud of myself for coming up with the such a great gift idea!  I looked up tons of models and weighed my options, and finally made a purchase.  I teased Blake that I was so excited to give him my present because it is perfect for him!

A few weeks later, and before my machine had been delivered, Blake got really excited one afternoon and decided that he had finally decided what to buy me for Christmas.  That it was the PERFECT gift.  Thankfully, we know each other well enough to realize that if we both think we've found the perfect present for each other, we might be thinking of the same thing!

With that in mind, Blake didn't buy me the gift he was thinking of, and I felt about 90% sure that he knew what I was getting him.  Keep in mind that this was all based on the description of "the perfect gift."

Soooo... the moment of truth.  Here is Blake telling the room what he thinks is in the gift.  I'm hiding my face to keep from giving anything away.
 And here we are excited because we totally got it right!! Yay!!!

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  1. Ha, ha. That's great... and totally something that me and my hubby would do! :)


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