Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Funny Funny Blog

I have found mine and Blake's blogging soul-mate.  She (actually I know it's a he because he said so in the very first post on his blog but I just don't want anyone to assume that I thought it was a boy from the beginning just because it's a doctor-writer) is an anonymous doctor in his third year of residency at a big hospital in a big city and writes about daily life.  He is hilarious in a 'not-trying-too-hard' kind of way.  You can read his blog here.

I've been reading through every post he's ever written since 2009 his blog archives, and I keep flat-out laughing in the middle of public transportation or a law school class or at home with a book open beside me so that Blake thinks I'm studying until my laughter gives me away.  I highly suggest checking this dude out.

One of my favorite posts that I've come across so far can be found here.  He also has a satirical website for a hospital that is equally hilarious.  Blake's favorite part was the list of  specialties, sub-specialties, and sub-sub-specialties under the Find a Doktor tab:

  • Brain Managemeny
  • Dermatodentistry
  • EPT / Otolarynoscopic Endocrinology
  • Gastrofacial Surgery
  • Interventional Gynecological Podiatry
  • Nuclear family medicine  

This guy makes me wish our blog was anonymous.

[Edited] You can follow the links in blue to get to the blog.  Just in case those aren't working, the blog is called Anonymous Doctor, and the web address is  Sorry for the confusion!


  1. You didn't insert a link for us to find this funny blog.

  2. Hey Charlotte! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. You can click on the words that are blue to go to the links. I realized I never said the name of the blog though (haha) so I edited to make it more clear! Have a great day!

  3. Your post made my day! Glad you're enjoying the blog (and the satirical hospital site), and delighted that you're spreading the word. (I like your blog too!)

    1. Oh wow, so glad you made it over to our blog! You've provided me and Derek with lots of laughs ever since I stumbled across your blog last week, so we're glad to tell people!

  4. His blog IS great! It's also fun to read because it's so true. Patients do say the craziest things!! Haha!


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