Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double Date Night!

Blake and I have had a great, relaxing weekend.  We noticed that for the first time in over a year, our weekends this semester have featured double date nights, game nights, or just going out nights.  It was tough going from a close-knit group of friends in undergrad to new schools and new people in DC, but we feel like we've finally gotten a group of friends we feel really comfortable around.

And that makes our relocation much more enjoyable!

On Friday, we hit the streets of DC with two friends, Krystof and Kim.  They've been together almost the same amount of time Blake and I have, so it was fun to trade meeting stories and hear about 5-years-younger versions of ourselves!

We went to a place called Cafe Deluxe in the Glover Park area of DC.  Blake and I had never been, and it was really good!  I enjoyed a delicious Turkey burger with sweet potato fries.

Afterward, we came back to our place to carry on with the merriment.  Have you ever played Settlers of Catan?  It was mine and Blake's first time playing!  I've heard a lot about the game though.  Blake won (I'm calling beginner's luck), and I'm fairly certain I came in last place.  Better luck next time!

El Campeon

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  1. That's funny... I played it for the first time about a week after you did at a Super Bowl party. It's an interesting game!


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