Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Becca in DC: Monuments!

Continuing on with Saturday's run with Becca, we jogged our way over from the WWII Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial.  The clouds started rolling in right about this time... typical DC winter weather!  The temperature stayed warm though, and the rain held off until we were back safely in our apartment.
This is the view from in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  The Reflecting Pool has been shut down since last October, and it will hopefully reopen soon!  Evidently there was a crack in the stone below the pool or something like that.

We were lucky enough to run into kind people who didn't mind taking pictures of us or that even offered when they saw the lengths we were going to to get a decent picture!

The jumping pictures were really fun to take!  We were basically doing box jumps from workout class to get up on the pillars where we jumped from!  I'm surprised I can walk today!  I'll do a post later with outtakes because they were hilarious.

After we raced up the steps to the Lincoln (my long legs have the advantage but Becca did say skipping steps was not allowed, so I think I lost), we jogged over to the Korean War Memorial.
Finally, we headed for the last leg of our journey... over to the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  After several wrong turns, I finally spotted the white stone and we ran the last little bit over to the Reverend.
This was the first time I had visited the Memorial since it only opened last Fall.  It was very nice, and I loved the MLK quotes along the stone around the Memorial.
At this point, Blake called and asked if we would like him to come pick us up from there instead of running around a mile to the closest bus stop.  We had to think about that one REALLY hard!! Haha So sweet Blake made us a cappuccino in his new espresso machine and proceeded to the address I gave him.  Unfortunately, the GPS (which seriously needs its maps updated) took him to South EAST instead of South WEST.  I got a call from him asking him what I was doing in that part of the city and how I'd gotten there!  Haha I guess Becca and I didn't seem hard core enough to have run all the way over there :) He was right!

Since Becca and I had some extra time to due to the direction confusion, we sat by the Tidal Basin that the Jefferson Memorial overlooks.  This is absolutely breathtaking during the spring and the Cherry Blossom Festival... or so I have heard. I wouldn't actually know because I was studying last year and didn't get to go. :/ Maybe this year!

We also found the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and checked it out as well!  I had forgotten where it was located!
Overall, the DC Run was a great idea!  Becca and I do both run on a semi-regular basis, which made it easier, and there were no legs of the journey that were longer than a mile.  Most were just a few minutes away from the last!  I would suggest running too because at the end of the day our backs weren't tired from standing up and our legs weren't dead from walking.  It was a great run with my favorite (and only) sister!

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