Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who is Halfway Through With Law School?!

I AM!!  That's right, three semesters down, three semesters to go!  Hopefully the toughest three are behind me!  Blake finished his last exam yesterday, and I finished mine by around 1 PM today!  In honor of my last day of finals, Blake and I did this:

Matching-ish sweatshirts!
Wrapping Presents!
We had some big plans around DC but ended up staying in, addressing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, and watching way too many episodes of Glee and the Sing off.  It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T!  Those shows are the perfect thing to have in the background while wrapping presents.

Almost all of our Christmas shopping is done, thanks to me and my online shopping infatuation!  We didn't set foot in a single store ALL season long, but we only have a couple small gifts left to buy!  It's really the only way I can get stuff don with finals and law school.  This year, I may have set a record for how quickly I bought some gifts... I bought my parents gift back in March and I bought my sister's in September!  That's what I like to call planning ahead!

Unfortunately, because I am a little bit of a perfectionist, and because I didn't get started until late, I only managed to wrap gifts for two special people in my life:
Brittney and Heather!  They also happen to be the first two people we will be giving gifts to, so this works well (thinking ahead!).  Please excuse the mess behind me/around me.  Blake and I actually team-cleaned all 500 square feet of our apartment and it looks awesome.  The mess is from either Christmas wrapping or packing for visiting Tennessee soon.

I got all my Christmas ideas from Pinterest/my mind.  I was glad everything turned out well!  I am a little concerned that my cute letters for Heather ended up looking like 'heat' 'her' as in "dang that girl is cold, someone better heat her!"

Aaaaannyway... Blake and I are officially on winter break!  Booyah, final exams!  (please don't come back to haunt me in a few weeks when I get my grades).

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  1. Congratulations, Catherine and Derek!! I'm SO proud of you both!! Hooray! :)


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