Thursday, December 1, 2011

What?! Another Close Call!

There was another close call today! I was at Georgetown in the Leavey Center working on a practice exam for Evidence.  Blake was in his medical school classroom finishing up his Infectious Disease final exam.  At about 1:05, Blake met me in the student center for a delicious Taco Bell lunch.

Meanwhile... unbeknownst to Blake and Catie munching away on gorditas....

At 1:08 PM, an employee at one of the little convenience stores a few hundred feet from where we sat came across a guy he didn't know taking money out of the till in the back office of the store.  The employee yelled at him, and the dude ran outside into a black SUV getaway car with $600!

What is going on DC?!  It must be the holidays, right?  There have always been stolen laptops and electronics, but the thieving seems worse around Christmas!  Blake and I drove to school today, so hopefully we'll make it home with all our personal belongings still with us!

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