Friday, December 16, 2011

Vicki's Birthday Celebration!!

Ahhh now that mine and Blake's finals are over, this little blog is about to get a lot more interesting!  I love blogging, but let's be real, folks, this little corner of the internet is a b-o-r-e during the school year.  Here's what we did the day before my last final:
 We hung out with friends and celebrated the upcoming birthday of our friend, Vicki!  This little group is a fun mixture of med school and law school friends!
 She's so cute!  Sorry for the super duper blurry phone pictures.  Watch out blog because I've got my real camera with me for the next three weeks of break! 
I think Vicki looks so cute in this picture that I'm putting it up anyway, despite the blurriness!  Cat made Vicki's cake and it looked and tasted delicious!

Happy birthday Vicki!

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