Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunrise on Monday Morning

On Monday morning I had a review session at 9:30 AM and I wanted to get a practice test for another class in before the review session started.  It was around 6:30-ish when I walked straight out and saw this beauty from the apartment lobby:
In truth, it wasn't this exactly that I saw because I walked out and thought "this is the most beautiful sunrise ever, I should take a picture, oh wait, my phone is upstairs on my nightstand, shoot" then hightailed it back around to grab my phone from our apartment.
WITH PHONE IN HAND, I walked back outside, and thought to myself "thank goodness that sun has not risen anymore because I just huffed it to get back upstairs and get my phone for this picture."

Thus, the picture was born.

And this one! Which had the addition of a super fast moving car (seriously, who's awake at 6:30 AM?!) in the bottom left hand corner.
This one is sans fast moving car.  These pictures were taken on my phone and I didn't touch them up or anything. Au natural, baby!  We've had some lovely weather in DC this week.  You don't even need a coat!  This has been the best fall season that I can remember, weather-wise.  It got cooler pretty early in September, and except for the freak snow on my birthday, it's been balmy all fall/winter!  Hope your fall has been splendid!

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  1. Yes, the weather has been strange. It was in the 60s all day today...


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