Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reliving Good Memories!

Blake and I did a little mini tour of  Lipscomb a couple of days ago and got to walk through a few of the buildings that we frequented during our tenure there, but we didn't make it to the building where most of my classes had been.  We decided to say another goodbye to LU since we were in the neighborhood.  This picture is taken from the Ezell building on campus.  I love Lipscomb at Christmas time!
 And since we were on campus, we thought we would hit up one of our most important old haunts.  This is us on the swing where we got engaged! 
I posted about our engagement story before on the blog.  Feel free to follow the link and remind yourself! :)
2 years and 2 months after the night we got engaged!  I'm so glad they didn't get rid of this swing!
 And now we're just being goofy and reenacting that wonderful night!  I did a lot of squealing and giggling, so be glad you've just got visual reenactments and not sound!
 Awww... and here's Blake's reenactment of popping the question!
The answer is YES YES YES!!!
 Haha so fun!  I love that our engagement happened on the campus where we met and fell in love. It makes little Lipscomb even more special! :)

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