Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Open House!

Blake and I went to an open house at Blake's professor's house on Sunday night (yes, two days before my last final and the DAY BEFORE Blake's last final!).  It was supposed to be a nice break from school, but it's effect ended up being 'homesickness.'  It made us miss holidays back home with all the cute mistletoe and decorated trees and family and friends.

We had a great time though!  We went with one of Blake's classmates and ate Lobster Macaroni and Quiche! I don't know why I felt like those should be capitalized, but I guess it's because I'm hungry and those delicious dishes sound capitaliz-able!

Unfortunately, this was the only picture we got of the entire day, and it was a phone picture to send to my sister since she gave me the skirt I was wearing. It's a shame too, because Blake was looking mighty fine in the sweater he was rocking. I'm not even wearing shoes, people! 

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