Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lifesize Study Catie

Today I give you Life Size Study Catie
Well maybe it would be lifesize if you are on a phone... except I don't really fit on a phone either.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, on my small computer screen, this is a pretty big picture of me!

Now, this isn't a fashion blog, but I'll make an exception for today. ;) Here we go:

Today I am outfitted in my study attire.  This is pretty much the outfit I've been wearing on days when I don't have an exam, which I did today (!!!) in Evidence.  I dress up a little more for days when I'm around other humans. :)

This study outfit consists of big t-shirt and comfy shorts.
 Big ole fluffy socks for maximum comfort.
Hair pinned back for minimal distraction. Note: big pile of books and papers in the background.

There it was -- my first fashion post! I'd say it was pretty successful, am I right?!

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  1. Yes, very successful! A great study attire idea! I'll have to try it some time. :)


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