Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello Blogging world. Blake and I just emerged from a double final Thursday.  This morning we looked like this:
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is not actually what we looked like this morning. It's what we looked like 5 minutes before I posted this blog because that is when I took the picture.
I had a final in Government Contracts from 2 PM 'til 5 PM.  If you are in any way interested in dealing with a procuring agency, filing a bid protest, challenging your termination for default, or coming up with a Termination Settlement Proposal, I'm your gal*.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not licensed in any state because I am a 2L, please do not ask me for advice because I cannot give it to you.  I have HOWEVER passed the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. Just found out on Tuesday night!  Consider yourself lawyer-ed!

Blake's final was in Cardiovascular Disease, and it was from 9 AM 'til 1 PM!  Between the two of us, we had a whole workday covered! (To the tune of Dolly Parton's Hit: "Takin' finals from 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'...").

And now, we are ONE FINAL away from the holidays! All the cheesy Christmas movies and sugary treats and cups of coffee we want!*

*Except with a few hours a day carved out for Blake to study for Step 1 of Boards and me to write my first draft of my Note. Lame.


  1. Catherine, What I find fascinating is that in the midst of the stress and angst of preparing for and taking final exams, that you still have both the desire and commitment to your blog - and a blog complete with "before and after" photos - no less!!

    Hope that you both do well; that you continue safely dodging D.C. traffic, and that you enjoy a Merry Christmas back in Tennessee!!


  2. Thanks Paul! I used to be an avid journal-er so I guess the blog is just a natural extension of that. I find it relaxing! And I enjoy putting together little posts. I hope that you're having a good Christmas season as well!


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