Friday, December 2, 2011

Blake & Catie Study Adventures: Part III

We did not get up with the sun today, but we did spend another 10 hour day at the law school. Today, unlike yesterday, we left the building for one hour at 3 PM for lunch.

Did you miss our latest two installments of studying?! You know you're interested in reading about them! Here they are. You're welcome.
Blake & Catie Study Adventures: Part I
We traveled to the local Johnny Rockets, a whopping 2 minute walk from the law school, and acted very gluttonously with regard to our delicious meal.   I had a coupon, so we ending up eating about half price, which makes everything taste that much better!
When we got back to the law school, my email informed me that a robbery had taken place at 3:00 PM near my law school on 22nd street. Johnny Rockets was on 21st street, and we left the building at 3:00 PM.  With all these close calls, I feel the day of my inaugural DC mugging is approaching.

Also, the conversation pictured below went down during this study session, which I thought was quite hilarious, but I don't know that even Blake thought it was that funny. But it was the end of the night and I was delirious from so much studying so I paired our conversation with random pictures that I had of Blake and me that I thought accurately reflected our faces:

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