Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Break Revolves Around Food

Friday, Blake and I got to eat lunch with Courtney and Heather again.  Courtney was on a 'hang out date' with a new guy from her grad school class.  I am pretty sure it's safe to talk about this here, since Courtney may or may not read the blog, but Lance certainly doesn't!  Regardless, we all LOVED him, so there's no bad news to pass along on the blog anyway!
Lance is the one in the middle! Haha of course.
I'm the queen of the self-timer for group shots.  There's nothing awkward or staged about this picture AT ALL!
Yummmm... the food was so good! There's definitely a lack of good Mexican food in DC.  Or Americanized Mexican food... if this isn't very auténtico. :)
Speedy Gonzales
 After lunch and hanging out for awhile, we went back to Heather's apartment and participated in a GLEE marathon!
 I was never a huge Glee fan, but over the summer I started watching some of it.  Our Glee marathon got me all caught up with this season! It was blissful!  Blake and I don't have cable, so this whole On Demand thing was freakin' awesome!

During our Glee marathon, Blake got a call from one of our friends who is living in Alabama and attending medical school there.  Dylan was passing through on his way to North Carolina and wanted to catch up.  Blake was really excited!  Though they have talked all throughout the year, the last time they actually saw each other was at Dylan's wedding.
Dylan and Blake at Dylan's Wedding
Dylan and Blake at Blake's Wedding!
They went to a nice restaurant in Nashville to catch up and, as Blake said, commiserate about their medical school experiences!

Heather and I went on a little date of our own to a BBQ place down the street!  We didn't take pictures though, so right before we left we jumped in this random booth and took a picture of ourselves!  Hahaha I love Heather!  Who else would do this with me?
Quick, act natural! We've been sitting here all night!

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