Sunday, December 11, 2011

Apartment Christmas Party!

I love our apartment place.  I wish it were closer to a Metro and/or both of our schools, but it's in a cute little neighborhood with a Whole Foods across the street, a Safeway a half mile away, and Z Burger dangerously close!  The people who own it are really nice, and anytime we have an issue with an appliance, the maintenance staff are there sometimes before we even make it back up to our apartment after writing in a request.
Friday was their annual Christmas Party, and Blake and I had a blast!  The food was from a really nice hotel that's across the street from our apartment, and it was de-lic-ious!
Excited for yummy food on the elevator ride down to the lobby!
Round 1... or was this Round 2 or 3?
Pretty Hoppin' already.. and check out that ICE SCULPTURE!
We ran into several friends while we were there.  This is Blake with Kyle.  They're in the same med school class, and we were actually the ones who suggested that Kyle and his wife move to the apartment complex we're at!  He and Janae are really sweet, and we've had dinner with them a couple of times.

We also met about 5 M1s (medical students in their first year) from Georgetown who live here too!  It's funny, the apartments are about 45% graduate students under the age of 28, and about 45% retired folks over the age of 75!  That's probably not entirely true, but that's what it seems like haha.
Me and Blake in front of the giant Christmas tree.  We were heading back up to our apartment for more studying, so we had our second cups of coffee with us!
It was a great study break! Today, we're off to another Holiday Party and Open House.  People... we've got exams to study for!  We have no time for all these fun things!!  Haha jk parties are always a nice break!  I hope everyone is getting to experience some holiday parties this season!

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