Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SPOTTED! Married in Law School!

Here I am at the law school, studying and going through notes.  I looked up, and guess what I found:

A married couple that appear to both be in law school together!

Blake and I have often dreamed of attending graduate school together in the same field of study.  It would be awesome.  We would motivate and bounce ideas off each other! We'd share books and save money! We'd be memorable to all our professors in a good way!  We'd make identical grades [Hey, it's my dream! Don't try to tell me that this wouldn't happen!!].

Unfortunately, we didn't realize that we should have either both done law or both done medicine until it was too late (pshaw... I don't envy Blake and his medicine one bit. I get nauseous from his powerpoint slides!).

Back to the married law students.  I'm 90% sure they're married -- here's the evidence that led to my conclusion in the order in which I noted it:
(1) they are eating the same lunch in similar containers [FIRST thing I noticed was the food... I'm terribly hungry],
(2) they're both wearing rings,
(3) they're sharing a tiny loveseat and making lovey dovey eyes at each other,
(4) they're eating from the same lunchbox [another food reference. I seriously must eat soon].

It is possible that they're not both law students, but that in no way reflects negatively on my hindsight desire to have gone to graduate school with Blake instead of at the same time as Blake.

UPDATE: They're not both law students! Whilst typing this very blog your eyes are reading, the wife-woman left the law school sans backpack! Which renders this entire post worthless, except to take up study time with daydreams of conquering the world of law or medicine with my partner in crime (law term... I guess that means my daydreams prefer law school to med school?).

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