Friday, November 4, 2011

Spider Fingers!

Did anyone notice anything strange on this picture I posted two days ago?  Maybe something that sticks out as just a little bit off?
 Do you need a hint?? I'll give it to you:
Definition. 'Spider Fingers' (s.) (noun) -- a very specific term used to describe a hand with fingers splayed out in an odd fashion, often brought about by a quick camera flash with inadequate time to prepare oneself for a natural pose. (a registered trademark [not really]).

'Spider Fingers' seems to plague many a posed photograph, but I have found that it is especially prevalent in pictures that my family is in.

It just so happened that when we were at Sweet Cece's on Saturday night, there were some spiders adorning the table.  We tend to take every opportunity to make fun of ourselves, and these classic 'Spider Fingers' poses (with actual [fake] spiders this time) resulted:
The 'shoulder grab room for Jesus' spider fingers.
The 'hand to the chest' spider fingers.
The 'arm draping too far across the chest' spider fingers and the classic 'spread out fingers on shoulders' spider fingers.
With your new knowledge of the spider fingers, I bid thee into the weekend. . .  Go forth and be awkward.

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