Friday, November 18, 2011

Some Funny Traffic

I noticed something hilarious yesterday that I really feel I must share.  Guess whose blog shows up #1 in Google Images when you type in a certain phrase?

 Oh Yeah!! That's some A Capitol Couple!! Anyway, I was quite surprised to see us at the top of this list.  The Post is called My Dad's Visit to DC and it chronicles a random trip when my dad was on business in DC, and we did some touristy things.

Are you wondering why this post is supposed to be funny, yet?  Ok here, we go!  Blogger can show the owner of the blog how people are finding their site (though I can't tell who is reading, so please, everyone, continue to read without fear!).  I noticed today that a bunch of people (like seriously bunches) over the past month have been getting to our site by typing into THIS into google....

Einstein Poop Statue!!!!!
Hahahahahahah HAHAHAHAHA ahahahahaha... Sigh.  Maybe it's just law school brain, but this really cracks me up.  Evidently someone out there asserted that the Einstein memorial in DC looks like it was made of poop.  And if you read the post, I talk about the statue and I also talk about duck poop (on an unrelated note).  SO NOW, the post I wrote about my dad's visit comes up first in google images when someone searches 'Einstein poop statue!!'

Go ahead and give it a try!  But maybe clear your browsing history afterward if you're worried about what your reputation will be if someone finds out that you ran a google search for Einstein Poop Statue.

I really hope that this is funny to someone other than me!  Am I still showing up first?  Was anyone brave enough to try it?


Random fun fact: For just about every time that I wrote 'statue' in this post, I spelled it 'statute' and had to go back and delete the extra 't.'  Why would I write statute instead of statue?  Because statutes are what I am used to writing these days, my friends.

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