Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Nothing says the Holidays like ...
Classic Christmas Music-listening!

Keeping the holidays a STUDY-LY time of the year since '06.  That, of course, was first semester of Freshmen year at Lipscomb when Blake and I were newly "Blake & Catie" and we were meeting for study dates on nightly basis.

Moving on, yesterday was my last day at my internship.  Bitter sweet.  Also, after this semester, I've got only 3 semesters of school left IN. MY. LIFE.  When I started school in Kindergarten, in 1993, this day seemed forever far away.  And now, it's just one and a half years away! Three semesters!  Two more Christmas Breaks! I love school, really, but I am looking forward to being out "in the real world" for a change.

Hope everyone is taking advantage of the Holidays!

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