Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bus Etiquette

This semester, I have been a bus-riding fiend!  I take a bus to school, a bus from school to work, a bus from work to school, a bus from school to home.  It's  a lot of bus riding!

There are certain unspoken rules about riding on the bus.  I will not bore you with the rules, because they're made up by bored commuters to take up time and are not worth writing down.  But one rule is important for my story today.

No talking on the morning bus.

Because of this silence rule, about 40% of people read newspapers or kindles or books.  About 55% of people listen to music and look at their phone.  About 4% of bus riders stare out the window in silence.  About 1% fall asleep. (&--I have not been that 1%... YET).

Today, I played a little game. It was called "Whose the person listening to the Taylor Swift love song on their ipod loud enough for us all to hear??"

The earphone-wearing contenders were:

1) a middle aged woman in a business suit
2) a teenage girl in a school uniform
3) a dozing man in his 70s.

I like to think it was #3, but I could be convinced of #1 as well.  Any thoughts?

Hope everyone has a great day!
Rule Followers.


  1. That is one of my pet peeves..people who think everyone else wants to listen to their music or phone conversations! You have the cutest husband!

  2. Thanks Charlotte! I think he's the cutest too! :)


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