Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surprise Flowers!

I think getting flowers delivered is such a great surprise, and I received some surprise flowers yesterday! My sister is a sweetheart, and I got a really sweet note and flowers when I got home today.
Becca's applying for graduate schools, and Blake and I gave her some advice on her personal statement and essays.  I tried to get her to apply to my school's physician assistant school so she could hang out with me and Blake ALL THE TIME, but it was price prohibitive. :)

 Her note said that she hoped the flowers matched my fall decorations! You can kind of see the gourds in the picture above! We got those cute little three gourds for only $1.15 at Whole Foods! I just love fall!

I'm having some of my law school friends over for dinner on Friday, and I'm pretty pumped about my sweet awesome bouquet!

Thanks, Becca, for making my night! I love my flowers!

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